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Exciting Anti-Aging Technology
Canadians are always looking for the next big anti-aging treatment that will help them turn back the clock while rejuvenating the skin. Meta Therapy is an exciting and innovative new skin therapy that uses the skin's own healing properties to promote hydration and restoration.
Dermatude is the brand name associated with professional Meta Therapy; Dermatude perfected this anti-aging technology ahead of anyone else in the beauty industry. The results from Dermatude Meta Therapy are so promising that this method is commonly now referred to as viable facelift alternative.
How Does Dermatude Meta Therapy Work?
Many popular anti-aging methods rely solely on the injection of different types of fillers into the skin. These methods literally involve filling in the depressions in the skin that cause wrinkles. Some of the most common fillers work to paralyze the nerves of the muscles, but this can be dangerous and lead to unfavorable results.
The Dermatude Meta Therapy method is a natural process that produces healthy and vibrant skin. Our skin is amazingly resilient and constantly in a state of self-repair. Dermatude Meta Therapy takes advantage of this natural property to revitalize the look of the skin from the inside-out. This method involves the use of a specialized device to create carefully planned micro-perforations in the layers of the skin. These micro-perforations are recognized by the skin as damage and this causes increased production of collagen and elastin in the affected area.
Collagen and elastin are major components of healthy skin and the newly repaired area will benefit from improved firmness, elasticity and a vibrant appearance.
The Dermatude method works due to the size of the micro-perforations; Dermatude devices create micro-perforations that are significant enough to trigger the skin to repair the area, but are tiny enough that they can be easily repaired. The specialized Dermatude devices use micro-needles which also make it possible to inject a blend of revitalizing vitamins or essential acids directly into the micro-perforations. These injections provide additional healing qualities for particular problems such as mature or UV damaged skin. The ability to choose customized vitamin cocktails is a great way to enhance and prolong the effects of the procedure. In the event of dry skin, hyaluronic acid may be injected into the micro-perforations to increase the skin's hydration.
The Benefits of Dermatude Meta Therapy
Dermatude Canada Spa Dermatude Meta Therapy provides an exciting natural alternative to other anti-aging methods without the potentially harmful side effects. This method allows people to treat larger areas or to concentrate on specific target areas. This freedom makes it possible to target individual wrinkles and fine lines.
Traditional facelift procedures involve the use of anesthetics with potentially dangerous side-effects and result in lengthy recovery times. Dermatude Meta Therapy can produce similar results but eliminates the dangers and recovery time. There are no restrictions in activities after the procedure and makeup can be worn as soon as the next day.
Dermatude Meta Therapy is an exciting new anti-aging treatment that is allowing people to enjoy the benefits of vibrant, youthful skin without the problems and dangers associated with the other popular methods available. Discover how Dermatude Canada can revitalize your skin today.
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